Beata Stanowska
Master of Arts (Violin – Poland)

Concertmaster of the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra.
1st Violin, Ensemble Modern 2013 - Sydney Contemporary Orchestra
1st Violin, String Quartet 2016 - Sydney Contemporary Orchestra
1st Violin, String Quartet 2020 - Sydney Contemporary Orchestra

Teacher of Violin Beata has extensive experience as a performer and music teacher. She gained her qualifications in the Lyceum of
Music in Warsaw, Poland and completed her Master of Arts study in the class of Professor T. Kochanski, in the Academy of Music in Gdansk Faculty of Instrumental Studies, where she held a concertmaster position with the Symphony Orchestra.

She was awarded a distinction in the National Children's Violin Competition in Lancut (Poland). Beata became a principal violinist with both the State Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra and Baltic Chamber Orchestra, with which she toured extensively throughout Europe, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and
Spain. She has performed at such famous venues as The Munich Philharmonic, Alte Oper in Frankfurt and Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Since arriving in Australia in 1992, Beata has performed with Willoughby Symphonic Orchestra (leader), East-West Symphonic Orchestra, Amadeus Players (co-leader), Macquarie Symphony Orchestra and Choir at the Macquarie University (leader) and a variety of string ensembles. In 1995 she gave her solo performance during the Gala Concert with WSO, receiving an excellent review.
In 2015 Beata performed at The Flute Tree Studio and Utzon Hall at the Opera House with Hourglass Ensemble. Currently, she holds a concertmaster position in Sydney Contemporary Orchestra, leads a string quartet (Strings Attached), works as a recording musician (soundtrack for Water Diviner and movies by Pixar) while continuing teaching from her private studio in Castle Hill and providing tuition in Tara Anglican School for Girls and Marist College.


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I really want to thanks a lot for this beautiful opportunity, the performance was great, I'm very happy of that.
I hope to collaborate again with you again in the future.

Matteo Tundo - Composer (Italy) 


­ amazing energy, funding and collecting works is needed to organize and realize an orchestra such as SCO and all these wonderful concerts, you make the quality of music rise in every musical work and there are not a lot of you out there.

Trimor Dhomi - Composer (Kosovo)


"Thank you so much for providing such wonderful opportunities for composers! The December 22 concert marked the first time my music has been performed in Australia. Without SCO’s program I may never have reached this important milestone in my composing career. "
Paul Dice, Composer President, International Friendship Through the Performing Arts)