Opportunity for performance and video recording of your orchestral works by a magnificent symphony orchestra in a magnificent concert hall with reasonable costs. 

It is designed for the composers who wish to hire a symphony orchestra to perform and video record their orchestral compositions in Sydney International Composers Concerts. Supported by the SCO Foundation, continually contributed by Dr Brian Chatpo Koo, the hiring fee has been set as small portion of the cost as possible. (less than 10% of the total cost).

The contribution fee covers:

  • Concert Performance - Selected works will be performed by the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra in a magnificent concert hall in Sydney Australia. 
  • Rehearsals - Composers are welcome to the six open rehearsals, one dress rehearsal before the concert.
  • Video Recording - The recording will be taken in the concert, enabling a lasting legacy for personal and/or commercial purposes. The recordings will be published on our website via YouTube. 
  • Digital Publishing - All recorded works will be eligible for digital publishing and distributing on our website for public purchases. (All revenue of score/parts sales will be composers' royalties and will be forwarded to composers).
  • List composers' names on our website - All recorded works will be listed on our website, one of the largest websites for contemporary composers and contemporary compositions with a high visitor traffic flows.


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 Submit your works to apply a sharing-position with other composers to make your dreams true.   


Composers of all nationalities and all ages who wishing to video record the orchestral works may submit the works to apply a share position.

A total of 90 minutes music of compositions will be selected to be video recorded.

Instrumentation:,, timp., 2 perc., 1 harp (optional) 1 piano (optional)
Contribution Fees:
Contribution fees (2019):
  1. up to 10 minutes - $3,500 AUD
  2. more than 10 minutes and up to 15 minutes - $4,500 AUD
  3. more than 15 minutes and up to 20 minutes - $5,500 AUD

Selecting criteria:

  • High artistic value and musical content
  • High level compositional techniques
  • Passion for new music
  • Willing and be able to make contribution fee 



Composers must provide the following materials:
  1. Score
  2. Orchestral parts (if ready)
  3. Audio or video (if available)
  4. Photo
  5. Biography
  6. Program notes
The materials can be submitted by:
  1. Email attachments (in PDF format and for orchestral parts in .zip files, audio MP3/MP4 files) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Please write to us for the address if you would like to post your hard copy of the score (if it has been published or if it is an oversized score) and DVD/CD (if available).

(Submitted materials will not be returned )

  • There is no dead line for submission. Program for each concert will be announced whenever the 90 minutes music is finalised.  Later submissions maybe scheduled for next concert. Since we are supporting each concert more than half portion of the costs, so we must keep the concert standard as high as possible with high quality compositions. 
  • If the work is selected you will receive an official confirmation letter/invoice, and an instruction for contribution fee payment.
  • After the payment you will receive an official receipt and the details of the concert and rehearsal schedules. 



For composers who submitted for video recording concerts:
Submission policy has been updated. Entry fee is not required and all entry fees will be refunded. If you have paid your entry fee and not yet receive our email regarding to this, please write to us to process refund.

For composers who previously submitted for free concerts and successfully listed:
We hope will be able to host free concerts agian in future. However, if you don't want to wait, please write to us with your payment details to process your entry fee refund.

If you have any questions please contact us:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No one else in Sydney is doing this, and you are providing a great contribution to our musical scene.

Steven Machamer - Timpanist 



....an amazing energy, funding and collecting works is needed to organize and realize an orchestra such as SCO and all these wonderful concerts, you make the quality of music rise in every musical work and there are not a lot of you out there.

Trimor Dhomi - Composer (Kosovo)



The SCO has been doing very interesting work indeed and certainly worthy of support.

Prof  Stuart Geoffrey Andrew Greenbaum - Composer (Australia)